PDF Toolbar for Accountants


PDF Toolbar for Accountants

XCMtoolbar is designed to help accountants more effectively work with PDFs. It’s a plug-in designed for use with Adobe® Acrobat® software to help accounting professionals prepare and review workpapers digitally in PDFs. XCMtoolbar was designed with the CPA in mind to save time and provide a more effective navigation and annotation method for PDF documents.

XCMtoolbar gives you more efficient navigation of bookmarked files as well as quicker, more efficient desktop review of outsourced tax returns. First, pagination capabilities give reviewers the option of reviewing by bookmark or by paging through the file regardless of the order in which the documents were scanned. Both the bookmarks and pages follow the same order as the tax return. Secondly, color-coded tick marks and assigned checkboxes on each page for the preparer, reviewer and person signing off on the return create greater efficiency in the completion of the return and help to establish accountability for the work performed.

Additional productivity tools include an automated control report that compares pages in the file with the bookmarked pages to ensure that all scanned pages are accounted for when preparing the return. Lastly, the automated cross linking tool gives you a closed loop for each linked group allowing you to easily click a link in the PDF to quickly navigate to the linked object, wherever it appears in the file, and then click back to the originating point. These tools are designed to enhance the desktop review process.

XCMtoolbar's functionality includes:

  • Pre-defined Bookmark Templates
  • Enhanced Pagination Features
  • Cross Linking Automation
  • Review Indicators and Checkboxes
  • Multi-Color Tick Mark Stamps
  • Bookmark and Page Count Report for Quality Control Assurance

Learn how XCMtoolbar helps you:

  • Review more effectively and efficiently in a digital format
  • Assure quality by noting that all pages are accounted for, reviewed, and appropriately documented
  • Enhance client service with a streamlined digital work process

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