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Building Your Bullet-Proof Plan for Paperless Practices
Going paperless is not a one-size fits all endeavor – you need to build a plan that’s right for your business. Learn from the successes and the missteps from practitioners who have maximized their paperless investments to achieve immediate gains for your business.
Seven Habits of High Performing Firms
A recent study conducted by Bay Street Group shows a strong relationship between high performance and a firm’s view of technology as a strategic asset, and uncovered significant gaps between high and low performing firms in key areas that can serve as a guide for success.

Case Studies

DGC: The Path to “Paperlessness” Is Not Paved in Gold
The path to paperlessness may not be paved in gold, but the experience of at least one Boston area accounting firm suggests that it just might be blanketed in green.
WISS Adds XCM to Its Growth Strategy
Wiss & Company, LLP is one of New Jersey's largest and most successful accounting and consulting firms - experiencing an average of 25% growth per year thanks in part to its paperless investments.


Brochure: XCM Workflow for Firms
Learn more about the award-winning XCM workflow management software for firms of all sizes and specialties.
Brochure: XCMportal for Secure Client Collaboration
Learn more about the XCMportal secure file transfer module for XCM users to safely collaborate with clients and third parties.
XCM Ad: Fuoco Group Grows
NY-based Fuoco Group merged with a Florida firm opening a second office in the Sunshine State with the time it saved using XCM.
XCM Ad: Janover Plays Ball
Janover LLC focuses on work life balance with the time it saves using XCM, sponsoring company softball and soccer teams.
XCM Ad: KAF Goes Skiing
KAF Financial Group went skiing on March 26th with the time this 60-person firm saved using XCM.
XCM Ad: WS+B Flash Mob
WithumSmith+Brown focuses on its high employee satisfaction with the time it saves using XCM, showcasing why this 440+ person firm is one of the Best Firms to Work For (featuring WS+B flash mob video).
Learn more about our integrated Resource Allocation and Calendar-based Scheduling Module.