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White Papers

Seven Habits of High Performing Firms
A study conducted by Bay Street Group shows a strong relationship between high performance and a firm’s view of technology as a strategic asset, and uncovered significant gaps between high and low performing firms in key areas that can serve as a guide for success.
Workflow Automation Buyers Guide
A good workflow automation platform also helps employees at all levels of the organization work more effectively. This guide is a tool designed to help you compare and prioritize features to help your firm evaluate solutions.

Case Studies

Berdon: Success with a Summer Software Strategy
Learn how this 400-person firm implemented XCM to automate workflow across its entire tax practice in just three weeks.
Bordeaux & Bordeaux: Creating a Growth Culture
Learn how this small, Charlotte-based firm's virtual team environment has helped its leadership focus on delivering higher value client service and greater growth.
Wiss & Co.: Implementing true workflow automation that delivers
Learn how Wiss & Co. is leveraging end-to-end digital workflow across its highly efficient multi-office operations for unprecedented productivity gains.


Brochure: XCM Workflow for Firms
Learn more about the award-winning XCM workflow management software for firms of all sizes and specialties.
Brochure: XCMportal for Secure Client Collaboration
Learn more about the XCMportal secure file transfer module for XCM users to safely collaborate with clients and third parties.
Brochure: XCMscheduling for Automated Resource Management
Learn more about XCM's integrated scheduling module for automated tax and calendar based scheduling.