How We Serve You

How We Serve You

XCM Solutions has focused all of its hands-on service and support capabilities toward helping you maximize the efficiency and productivity increases gained with the XCM workflow software. We pride ourselves on delivering proactive client service with a high degree of responsiveness to help you and members of your team achieve success.

To support your efforts, XCM utilizes various media and forums to proactively promote best practices to all of our users:

Training: XCM offers on-site, online role-based, and online firm specific trainings.

Webinars: Our professional services department hosts best practice Webinars twice a month, free to all users.

Support Services: XCM offers full end user support to best enhance the user learning experience.

LinkedIn User Group: Our LinkedIn User Group is a closed community of XCM users designed to foster collaboration and best practice sharing among our users and with XCM service and product development experts. Additionally, the community serves as a forum for us to inform all users about updates on new features, share insight gained from our participation in various professional organizations, and offer tips from clients and XCM’s accounting professionals.

Annual User Conference: The focus of our annual user conference is sharing best practices – not only for getting the most out of the XCM workflow technology, but also on a variety of technology and practice management topics.

Originally, XCM was designed by CPAs to solve a real challenge we faced in our firm. We learned through our own experience implementing and using the product in that to successfully achieve the radical productivity gains possible with XCM we had to change the way we worked as a firm.

We have since expanded our knowledgebase through user feedback and input on their experiences and best practices. From this, we have developed an integrated solution with the software that shares our knowledge and the collective knowledge of our users to empower all of our clients to attain the same success.