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XCM Consulting

Eliminate redundancy and leverage your technology purchase by managing firm processes through XCM.
Whether you need to improve the workflow of a single department or completely overhaul the processes of your entire company, XCM Consulting Services will provide you the key for unlocking efficiency and implementing change in your organization. Our consultants will guide you through the steps necessary to document and analyze the flow of information and the methods you complete work to ensure the successful migration of these processes within the XCM application.

With XCM Consulting Services you gain access to best practice documentation and industry knowhow essential for comparative analysis, decision making and successful process improvement. XCM Consulting Services will facilitate process optimization in areas such as:

• Traditional CPA services like Tax Compliance and Attestation (audits, compilations, reviews)
• Bookkeeping and Client Accounting Services
• Operational and internal workflow process in areas such as Human Resources, Finance and Accounting

The ultimate goal of these consulting engagements is to help you gain immediate productivity increases that translate into billable hours and increased opportunity for your firm to achieve your goals and best service your clients.