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Flexible Training Options

We recognize that training is a key element to the overall success of any technology project, both during implementation and on an ongoing basis. We have developed a training program that empowers you and your team to begin using the software quickly during a comprehensive implementation training plan, and that delivers regular Web-based best practice and enhancement trainings to help you and your team maximize use of XCM. A library of on-demand Web tutorials, accessible within the XCM site, complements live trainings on key areas of functionality.

XCM is an inuitive application, for which training is quick and easy. Our general training sessions and ongoing best practice options suit the needs of most firms. However, we do offer more indepth, firm-specific trainings during which we customize the trainings to mirror your specific business processes. We will work closely with you to assess the best possible plan for staff training.

Live, interactive training is offered both online and onsite.Onsite trainings are typically administered over an 8-hour, full day training session. The scope of the training is dictated by the users attending the sessions and the intent of the training. Live, interactive web based training sessions tend to be highly focused and last an hour to an hour and a half.