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Having visibility into who has what now, what's coming and what's anticipated based on history - and the ability to act on that knowledge in real-time - that's a powerful management tool that will help you meet your clients' needs today and give you the flexibility to grow. That's exactly what XCMscheduling provides.

XCMscheduling integrates with your XCM workflow software to provide both automated, real-time resource allocation functionality, essential for tax practices, and calendar-based scheduling, commonly used in A&A and other areas of the firm.

The resource allocation component empowers you to leverage history captured during the preceding tax season(s) to forecast your daily workload during the next season for real-time work assigning. XCMscheduling will find availability based on role, skill level, work assigned, work anticipated, budgeted and remaining hours to help you more efficiently and effectively manage your team, reducing stress during tax season.

The calendar-based scheduling component helps you assign jobs that have a specific beginning and end point according to the number of hours required of various staff roles, skill levels and expertise. 

XCMscheduling is the only complete scheduling package integrated with a workflow management system to empower you to dynamically plan for and manage workloads firm-wide.

Learn how XCMscheduling helps you:

  • Dynamically assign work based on current and anticipated availability - according to role, experience, and expertise
  • Foresee and quickly address potential staffing and/or scheduling conflicts
  • Empower partners and managers to balance team workloads
  • Plan out busy periods in advance!

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