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Tax Outsourcing Services

Many firms battle time constraints during the busy season and struggle with low utilization in the off-season. Xpitax was founded by a tax partner who knew there had to be a better way to address the challenges inherent in an increasingly condensed tax season. Our clients have learned that a successful tax outsourcing partnership can also increase productivity and profitability by freeing firm talent to focus on higher value client service and to achieve better work-life balance – contributing to improved client and employee satisfaction.

Our experienced tax professionals can prepare returns while your in-house staff focuses on return review, coaching and consulting, audit, and other higher value services. We can prepare corporate, partnership, fiduciary and individual tax returns – both domestically and internationally. Tax outsourcing helps stabilize otherwise volatile staffing constraints by enabling firms to better utilize staff throughout the year. 

Xpitax professionals are trained to prepare high quality returns that are on par with what your firm produces. You don't have to change to fit our process, and we use the same tax software as you use in your firm. Turnaround is fast. On average, we send prepared tax returns with review notes back to you within 12-36 hours of submission. The difference in time zones contributes to this quick turnaround because India is 10 hours ahead of the U.S. While we sleep, they work.

Tax preparation outsourcing also allows you to realize significant cost savings, helping you boost profit margins. First, outsourcing returns through Xpitax usually results in up to 30% to 50% cost reductions because our services are very competitively priced. Secondly, outsourcing allows you to meet workload demands during busy season without adding staff that will sit idle during the slower months.

Lastly, many firms prioritize corporate tax return preparation up through March 15th, resulting in a stockpile of individual returns that make the last month of tax season predictably chaotic. The Xpitax Workflow Process allows you to truly manage the tax season workload. Outsourcing individual returns as they come in alleviates the end of season "crunch," allowing you to more efficiently process a greater quantity of returns.

Xpitax helps you reduce busy season "burnout" and churn, increase customer satisfaction and most importantly, optimizes firm profitability.

Learn how Xpitax tax outsourcing helps you:

  • Gain greater growth capacity without additional overhead
  • Increase efficiency through a digital process
  • More effectively manage tax season to reduce burnout and improve work-life balance
  • Better retain talent by giving first year staff higher value work
  • Enhance client satisfaction by focusing on higher value, personalized service

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