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XCM for Firm Administrator

XCM gives you the tools you need to see where everything is and to act on it, so you can anticipate and address potential bottlenecks before they become problems.

Manage Work Firm-Wide More Easily and Effectively
XCM gives you the tools you need to more effectively manage all work in progress across the firm. XCM delivers a suite of real-time administrator reports, especially designed to deliver the metrics you need to keep things running smoothly. You can see potential bottlenecks, reallocate work among professional staff, keep a pulse on critical due dates, and oversee entire processes with just the click of a button.

XCM helps you gain an end-to-end view of your firm’s processes, from the time work comes in until the resulting product is shipped back out to the client. You can instantly identify problematic areas and work proactively to address them before they hinder productivity. XCM includes a full tracking and due date monitoring system to help you assure compliance and more effectively manage deliverables, even during your busiest times.

XCM automatically captures the movement of work through the office for every task processed to provide a historic picture of firm performance. This view serves as a powerful tool to help you better plan for and manage busy periods. XCM also includes a full knowledge repository that allows you to capture pertinent data associated with each task, so your staff has clear instructions at their fingertips while they’re working on that task.

Learn how XCM can help you:

  • Better control over work scheduling and management
  • Gain a real-time view of all work in progress to ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Improve accountability and visibility across a consistent, automated process
  • Empower you to run your team more effectively

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