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XCM for the Managing Partner

XCM workflow automation software can help you get a better handle on your business and boost productivity firm-wide.

Greater Productivity Means Improved Profitability
XCM is a complete workflow automation and information management system for your entire firm. By pushing work through streamlined, standardized processes, XCM empowers your entire staff to work more efficiently and effectively. Increased efficiency means improved productivity, which drives better realization rates and greater profitability.

Real-time View of All Work Firm-Wide for Planning
XCM workflow automation software captures critical management data as work moves seamlessly through your office(s). With its powerful search and reporting capabilities, you gain real-time access to high level data – like a holistic view of all work in progress – essential to helping you manage your firm.

You can easily see how busy season is progressing, for example, eliminating uncertainty and empowering you to more effectively manage capacity planning and growth. With the information at your fingertips, you can create metrics and expectations for your firm, staff and partners. You can compare performance from year to year, and create accountability at each level in the office.

Learn how XCM workflow automation software can help you:

  • Address margin squeeze with improved realization on all types of work
  • Reduce overhead by minimizing time wasted on non-billable tasks
  • Shift your focus and your time from compliance to value-added client service
  • Eliminate uncertainty and empower better planning with real-time management reporting

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