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XCM for Partners

XCM can empower you to deliver proactive client service and get better control over your practice.

Empowering Proactive Client Service
XCM gives you instant, real-time access to the status of client work, as well as all pertinent information related to that job, whether you’re in your office, at a client site, at home, or anywhere in the world you travel. XCM puts at your fingertips everything you need to manage your team, your practice, and to deliver exceptional client service. 

Instant access to all information related to your client work empowers you to better serve that client – proactively addressing questions and issues as they arise, identifying new service opportunities, and delivering high touch, high value service that draws on your breadth of knowledge about their financial picture.

Better Control for Better Results
In addition to a comprehensive, real-time view of a particular client, XCM gives you a complete picture of work in progress for all your clients with just a click of a button – giving you greater control over your entire client base. This view enables better collaboration between departments for capacity planning and resource management. You can see and act on potential bottlenecks before they become problems.

Real-time workload balancing ensures full utilization of staff by seeing who is really busy (vs. who just appears to be busy) and enables you to easily make adjustments accordingly. In this way, XCM helps you empower your staff to work more productively reducing overtime and minimizing burnout. Greater employee satisfaction helps you better recruit, retain, and nurture talented staff.

Learn how XCM can help you:

  • Deliver proactive client service and identify new service opportunities
  • Gain better control over your practice for planning and growth
  • Empower your team in order to better retain and nurture talented staff
  • Increase realization rates for greater profitability

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