Going with the 'flow

Jill McKernon, CPA is a Senior Accountant at Pieper Whitaker & Bjork, where she specializes in small business taxation, discusses her strategies for reporting fringe benefits.

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Kim Whitcomb, Office Manager at Bowden and Wood, PLLC, discusses her firm's desire to fully automate all processes, sharing tips and seeking input from fellow innovators.

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Deborah Hresko, Manager at Sanders Thaler Viola & Katz, LLP, discusses her strategy for effective change management. 

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We're in the home stretch! A few words of inspiration and encouragement to take you through the last few weeks.

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Most firms I talk to understand the importance of work life balance. But, they struggle with how to create it. Successful programs have some common elements.

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How does your firm deal with workload compression and staffing challenges?

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A practitioner recently called me concerned that they've only received about 10% of their signed 7216 consents back so far. Cause for alarm, right? Not so fast…

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We've been hearing from firms that the fall tax filing deadlines are increasingly busy. For some firms, the fall deadlines are actually "crazier" than in the spring. How does your firm cope?

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How do senior partners, who are not tech-savvy, manage the client meeting after the paperless conversion? "Paperless" does not mean that we fundamentally change our approach to client service.

Posted by Guest Blogger: Dwayne Bragonier, CPA, CA, CA-IT, 9/5/2014 | 0 comment

Bordeaux & Bordeaux embodies the true meaning of a digital cpa with a 32-day roadtrip.

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Tax season presents a challenge for most of us. The season is short and getting shorter. The information is often late coming in. Tax regulations always seem to be in flux. A solid process, sophisticated tax software, and a robust workflow solution can help make a big difference.

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Mark Albrecht, CPA, MST is founder and CEO of XCM Solutions, LLC, the leading provider of workflow automation solutions to the accounting profession. Dubbed "Professor Workflow" by colleagues due to his passion for helping firms work more productively, Mark is credited with starting the "workflow revolution" and is a frequent speaker and contributor on topics related to technology and practice management.