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White Papers

Building Your Bullet-Proof Plan for Paperless Practices
Going paperless is not a one-size fits all endeavor – you need to build a plan that’s right for your business. Learn from the successes and the missteps from practitioners who have maximized their paperless investments to achieve immediate gains for your business.

Seven Habits of High Performing Firms
A recent study conducted by Bay Street Group shows a strong relationship between high performance and a firm’s view of technology as a strategic asset, and uncovered significant gaps between high and low performing firms in key areas that can serve as a guide for success.

Case Studies

Berdon: Success with a Summer Software Strategy
Learn how this 400-person firm implemented XCM to automate workflow across its entire tax practice in just three weeks.

Bordeaux & Bordeaux: Creating a Growth Culture
Learn how this small, Charlotte-based firm's virtual team environment has helped its leadership focus on delivering higher value client service and greater growth.

Wiss & Co.: Implementing true workflow automation that delivers
Learn how Wiss & Co. is leveraging end-to-end digital workflow across its highly efficient multi-office operations for unprecedented productivity gains.


Brochure: XCM for Corporations
Learn more about the award-winning XCM workflow management software for corporate tax, accounting, and finance professionals.

Brochure: XCM Workflow for Firms
Learn more about the award-winning XCM workflow management software for firms of all sizes and specialties.

Brochure: XCMportal for Secure Client Collaboration
Learn more about the XCMportal secure file transfer module for XCM users to safely collaborate with clients and third parties.

Brochure: XCMscheduling for Automated Resource Management
Learn more about XCM's integrated scheduling module for automated tax and calendar based scheduling.