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XCM Solutions Awarded the 2016 Productivity & Risk Mitigation Awards

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June 28, 2016 - Quincy, MA - XCM Solutions, LLC, the world’s leading Productivity Enablement and Workflow solution for tax, accounting and finance professionals, announced today it has been named as the 2016 Productivity and Risk Mitigation Award Winners. The annual awards are chosen from the results of the 3rd Annual Accounting Firm Operation and Technology Survey measuring the company’s products that have the greatest impact on their practice in the areas of productivity, profitability, and risk mitigation. This survey is conducted by Randy Johnston, Chairman and CEO, Network Management Group, Inc., and Leslie Garrett, PhD, CEO of Insight Research Group. (The eBook is published in cooperation with Rick Telberg, President and CEO of CPA Trendlines.)

“We are honored that XCM Workflow has been selected by firms to have the greatest impact on the productivity and risk mitigation areas of firms. With XCM’s Productivity Enablement Platform you can achieve higher levels of professional productivity at every level of your firm,” said Mark Albrecht, CEO XCM Solutions. “Our unique set of solutions was built to deliver greater control over processes that are critical to delivering higher value to clients and visibility to all partners and staff to minimize and manage risk throughout the firm.”

XCM’s Productivity Enablement platform has become an important internal solution for firms to effectively manage work within the firm and across all offices. In addition to individual and firm-wide work management, the XCM software serves as a collaboration tool to facilitate knowledge sharing across departments, offices, and specialty practices within firms. XCM is widely recognized as a best-in-class workflow management solution for the profession to achieve greater productivity at every level so you create capacity and get more work done with the same or less resources.

The Trusted Solution

XCM's productivity enablement and workflow platform has become a key piece of the technology equation for tax, accounting, and finance organizations as they move toward a real-time, on-demand environment.

Powered by advanced cloud technology, XCM centralizes tax, accounting, finance, and audit processes within a single platform for end-to-end, streamlined workflow management. The holistic view of all work-in-progress helps leading firms and tax departments balance workloads, proactively address bottlenecks before they become problems, and drive profitability.

By optimizing processes across your organization or department, you and your team will progressively perform at peak efficiency—equating to immense productivity gains, cost savings, and capacity expansion.

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