XCM Customers

XCM productivity enablement benefits tax, accounting, audit, and finance professionals in public accounting firms and in corporate tax and finance roles.

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XCM Customers

Whether you’re in public accounting or corporate finance, XCM understands your challenges.

  • Tax firms are cramming 40% or more of the firm’s annual workload into a 3-month period. You and your team are working as much as humanly possible, but you still can’t seem to get ahead.
  • A&A professionals know exactly who is doing what and when…for that engagement. But are you able to get a handle on all your jobs without opening every binder individually?
  • Client Accounting Services (CAS) clients rely on you to worry about their balance sheets so they can focus on the business. You know they value (and pay for) your expertise, but it seems like your time is spent on data entry instead of consulting.
  • Operations manage dozens of processes on a daily basis. If you need to manage compliance or risk requirements, XCM can help with SOC compliance, quality controls, onboarding new entities, policy management, new client set-up, proposals, IT projects, marketing and business development efforts, and all manner of HR processes. How many disparate systems are required to do this today?
  • Corporate tax, accounting, and finance departments are being pushed to do more with fewer resources. You need better control over your deliverables and streamlined processes so you and your team can be more productive.

XCM Is Productivity, Simply Enabled™

XCM offers a complete productivity enablement and workflow platform that empowers you to manage all types of work, within all departments, across multiple offices. 

Though we integrate with several popular tax and accounting packages, the real payback is through your greatest asset—your people.

In addition to a comprehensive, real-time view of a particular client or project, XCM delivers a complete picture of all work in progress with just a click of a button–giving you greater control. 

With XCM, you can easily see how a project is progressing, eliminating uncertainty and empowering you to more effectively manage capacity planning and growth. With all this information at your fingertips, you can also create metrics and expectations for your staff and firm/department.

The Trusted Solution

XCM's productivity enablement and workflow platform has become a key piece of the technology equation for tax, accounting, and finance organizations as they move toward a real-time, on-demand environment.

Powered by advanced cloud technology, XCM centralizes tax, accounting, finance, and audit processes within a single platform for end-to-end, streamlined workflow management. The holistic view of all work-in-progress helps leading firms and tax departments balance workloads, proactively address bottlenecks before they become problems, and drive profitability.

By optimizing processes across your organization or department, you and your team will progressively perform at peak efficiency—equating to immense productivity gains, cost savings, and capacity expansion.

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