Xpitax Customer Testimonial: Claudette Stephen, Windham Brannon

Xpitax Customer Testimonial: Claudette Stephen, Windham Brannon

Xpitax™ is XCM's tax outsourcing service, offering year-round tax preparation support. Learn how to address work compression and balance your staffing challenges.

The Trusted Solution

XCM's productivity enablement and workflow platform has become a key piece of the technology equation for tax, accounting, and finance organizations as they move toward a real-time, on-demand environment.

Powered by advanced cloud technology, XCM centralizes tax, accounting, finance, and audit processes within a single platform for end-to-end, streamlined workflow management. The holistic view of all work-in-progress helps leading firms and tax departments balance workloads, proactively address bottlenecks before they become problems, and drive profitability.

By optimizing processes across your organization or department, you and your team will progressively perform at peak efficiency—equating to immense productivity gains, cost savings, and capacity expansion.

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