Why We're Better
Why We’re Better

With rapid deployment and easy adoption, XCM lets end users experience immediate benefits in productivity across firms and tax departments. Our productivity enablement delivers 360° visibility, flexibility, accountability, and control of tasks and projects—at any time, and from anywhere.

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Why We're Better

XCM is Productivity, Simply Enabled™

By connecting people through process and technology, XCM has become a key piece of the technology equation for the tax and accounting industry. With real-time access to the data you need, in one central location, XCM empowers businesses to measure and optimize for continuous improvement year over year.

XCM’s customer-guided development process has helped us continuously raise the bar for business process automation. In addition to ongoing product enhancements and dedicated client service representatives, XCM provides control over your tasks and deliverables with visibility across your entire organization. Instill accountability at all levels with a flexible platform, designed to meet the pace of your business and help your get more done with less.

Easy Implementation

Because of its SaaS model, XCM can be implemented in most environments quickly and easily in just two weeks. New users will receive a welcome kit that includes a short, easy-to-follow implementation checklist to help you better understand the process; a client import tool to help you populate XCM with your current client data; as well as a training overview and schedule with flexible training options for you and your team.

We also offer complimentary training options, as well as pre- and post-implementation consulting services to firms that request additional guidance. We know that successful planning is the key to a successful rollout and will work closely with you to customize a plan suited to your specific requirements. Our dedicated client service representatives will ensure you are all set post-implementation as well. 

The Trusted Solution

XCM's productivity enablement and workflow platform has become a key piece of the technology equation for tax, accounting, and finance organizations as they move toward a real-time, on-demand environment.

Powered by advanced cloud technology, XCM centralizes tax, accounting, finance, and audit processes within a single platform for end-to-end, streamlined workflow management. The holistic view of all work-in-progress helps leading firms and tax departments balance workloads, proactively address bottlenecks before they become problems, and drive profitability.

By optimizing processes across your organization or department, you and your team will progressively perform at peak efficiency—equating to immense productivity gains, cost savings, and capacity expansion.

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